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Nov 12, 2016 Video - Sharing 2 years experience using Scala in a real project by a Java team Presentation on Devoxx 2016
In Januari 2015 we started on a new project using Scala with a team which had hardly any Scala experience. In this talk I’d like to share insights and experiences during a 2-year journey of using Scala/Akka in a real project, how the team learned Scala and slowly found it’s way into functional programming. It will include some best practices, pitt falls and lessons learned in both using Scala and the interoperability with Java and Groovy. Some of the technologies we used are Akka, Spray, Finatra, Json4s, Neo4j.
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Nov 11, 2016 Video - Talk to your Home! Quicky presentation on Devoxx 2016
OpenHab is a free open-source framework to automate your home. With probably over 100 bindings available for OpenHab, you probably already own something you could automate with OpenHab. My own home is automated using KNX, but it is also connected to OpenHab for a simple UI and as a continuous playground. In this quicky I’ll show how easy it is to control your OpenHab installation via Siri. [Sorry Android-ers, the Google Voice API is not open yet, so this is (at the writing of this paper) not possible yet with Google Voice.] With a few small steps it is possible to control your home with some basic commands, but you can also ask your home for the status of things like the temperature in the living room. I’ll demonstrate live controlling my home from the Devoxx stage.
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Nov 13, 2015 Video - Fast REST API building with Unfiltered Presentation on Devoxx 2015 about Unfiltered
In need of building a new api fast? Come and have a look at Unfiltered, a Scala Http request toolkit with which you can create and run a rest api in just 4 lines! During this Quickie I’ll demonstrate some of the usages of Unfiltered, from some simple endpoints to a fully Akka clustered application.
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