Open Source Projects

An overview of my personal open source projects:
  • WebDav4Sbt
  • Jacoco4Sbt
  • Spray-Twirl-Twitter Bootstrap project template


A SBT Plugin to create collections on a WebDav location so that your project can properly publish the artifact to the WebDav location.
By default, the publish task of SBT does not create the directories on the WebDav location. This causes the publish to fail whenever the required directories do not exist. This plugin provides a mkcol task which will create the directories required for publishing (when they do not yet exist). The plugin also modifies the publish task so it automatically creates the directories when publishing.

See the ReadMe on the repo for details.


My changes for Jacoco4Sbt have been merged into the original plugin. See the jacoco4sbt site for more details about how to use this plugin.

Public repository:

This project is a fork of Joachim Hofer's Jacoco4sbt Plugin. I created a fork because I wanted to add functionality to support code coverage for integration-testing and merging of unit-test and integration-test reports.

Added the following functionality:

  • Support for code coverage of integration tests. A new task has been added it-jacoco which supports all the same keys as jacoco. Both jacoco and it-jacoco tasks output to a different directory.
  • Supports merging of unit- and integration-test coverage data into a single report.
  • Added a clean goal to clean the JaCoCo output directory.
  • Option to turn merging of reports off, is enable by default.
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Public repository:

A Spray project template with Twirl added for templating, which makes it possible to build websites using Spray (whether this is a good idea I leave in the middle), and Twitter Bootstrap sources for a nice site layout.

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