Friday, November 19, 2010

JBPM4-Spring-integration update

I got some remarks about the released JBPM4-Spring-integration sources since I didn't include the test sources. So I just released a new version which now also contains an assembly of the whole project so all resources including the test classes and test resources are included in this.

Update 28-12-2011:
Both documentation and sources can now be found in this git repository. It also contains the pre-git releases and snapshots of previous versions. Latest version is 4.3.2.

Back from Devoxx 2010

Just back from the Devoxx 2010 conference in Antwerp. Again an excellent event with too many interesting sessions, so I'll have to get a Parleys account to view all the ones I was not able to see.
This year my focus was mostly on script languages and NoSQL/Cloud. I have seen lots of cool sessions about Hadoop, Hive, HBase, Cassandra, Infinispan. Eager to start using it in some dummy project.

At Devoxx Mark Reinhold announced the release plans for Java7 and Java8 (mid 2011 and end 2012) and also announced the creation of 4 new JSR's for project Lambda, project Coin, Java7 and Java8. The original plan of Sun was to release Java7 this year. Ok, there was the takeover by Oracle, but it seems the developers have done nothing since the Java7 release is not going to include the most wanted features. For example, no closures in Java7. I think the 'new' script languages like Groovy and Scala are going to be used must more often in the next years. Because the Java language evolves so slowly compared to the script languages, probably because of the slow JSR processes, from now on Java will just be trying to catch up with the script languages, but hardly bring anything really new. Because of the slow evolution you get projects like project Lombok to try to make Java more like the script languages.

The Java modules feature which will come in Java8 looks promising. Because Java8 will not come until the end of 2012, this will most likely also effect the release of JEE7 which wants to make use of the modularity. In the Java discussion today at Devoxx, Mark Reinhold was very clear about modularity: In his opinion OSGi is not the right modularity solution for all Java developers for all time. So therefore they're working on project Jigsaw. Will this mean OSGi will only exist until the release of Java8? Maybe not, because lots of vendors are already adopting OSGi for the app servers.

All in all a very good conference. If you were not able to attend, then definitely get a account so you can watch the sessions online. In twice the resolution as next year. And, while your at Parleys, watch the session of Uncle Bob of Devoxx 2009, which is free by now. Very good session. All his comments are still actual I think. That's the only think Devoxx 2010 was missing: Uncle Bob. Next year you can probably was more sessions real-time online. This year was the trail with just the keynotes.